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TDSP Delivery Charges

TDSP Delivery Charges are what your local TDSP company charges each customer for the cost of maintaining electricity poles & wires, meters, storm restoration, etc.

These charges are approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and are passed through to you without any markup. These charges apply to all residential customers, serviced by the TDSP, regardless of who their retail electricity provider is. TDSP Charges are displayed under a separate section on the monthly bill,  so it's easier to distinguish the Zenergy Energy charges from your local utility company charges. 

Bellow are the current TDSP/TDU Charges that are passed through to you as of September 2018

TDSP / TDU Monthly Charge Charge per kWh
ONCOR$   3.493.827 cents/kWh
CENTERPOINT$   5.474.253 cents/kWh
AEP TEXAS CENTRAL$   9.004.160 cents/kWh
APE TEXAS NORTH$ 10.533.880 cents/kWh
TNMP - Texas/New Mexico Power$   8.653.696 cents/kWh

How to calculate your Charges

TDSP Monthly Charge +
(TDSP per kWh charge * Monthly billed kWh usage)                  

Example Charges

Our example is a customer with
Oncor TDSP @ 1000 kWh/month
3.49 + (0.03827 * 1000) = 41.76
This example customer would have a total TDSP charge of $41.76 passed through directly in their Zenergy Invoice.


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